SPIGEN Ultra Hybrid Available in Crystal Clear

SPIGEN Crystal Clear Ultra Hybrid Nexus 5 Case

One of the most popular cases for the Nexus 5 is now available in Crystal Clear.  The SPIGEN Ultra Hybrid is a slim, moderately rugged case that now has a transparent TPU back and bumper and also includes a free screen protector, giving you complete protection.  The Crystal Clear version is shipping out now!

We’ve been over the Nexus 5 Ultra Hybrid case before, and with the new color scheme nothing has changed in terms of protection and features.  SPIGEN has managed to develop transparent TPU material which still offers the same level of protection but is now clear and smooth.  There are still buttons molded into the TPU itself to make button-pressing easier than with a small opening, and there’s cutouts for the camera on the rear, charging port, headphone jack, speaker grilles, and microphones.

SPIGEN also includes designed printouts with the case which you can place between your Nexus 5’s back and the rear plate on the case, giving you a unique design if you choose not to have your NEXUS logo coming through, which a lot of people prefer.  SPIGEN has also put some double-sided scratch resistant coating on the case so it doesn’t get scratched and scuffed up as easy, giving your device a dirty look after a lot of use.  Their air cushions on each of the four corners are still intact as well, protecting your screen from shattering if your device lands on one of those trouble spots.

These are currently on a pretty good sale, and we’re not sure how long it’s on for, so grab yours quick!

SPIGEN Crystal Clear Ultra Hybrid Nexus 5 Case SPIGEN Crystal Clear Ultra Hybrid Nexus 5 Case

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