SPIGEN Slim Armor Nexus 5 Cases

SPIGEN Slim Armor Rugged Champagne Case for Nexus 5

The Slim Armor case from SPIGEN for the Nexus 5 is one of the most attractive-looking rugged solutions currently available for the Nexus 5.  It’s made from both a polycarbonate shell and a silicone skin, and the amount of protection it offers with the minimal size is an excellent ratio.  These are currently available in Champagne Gold, Infinity White, and Smooth Black.

The Slim Armor is a hybrid case, consisting of a silicone skin and a polycarbonate shell that attaches to the exterior of it, holding the silicone firmly in place.  The TPU/silicone material is extremely rigid in itself, and does an excellent job at absorbing most shock.  The tops and bottoms of the TPU skin are also reinforced, which helps add extra protection where the polycarbonate shell doesn’t cover.  This also reinforces all four corners of your Nexus 5, which will greatly decrease your odds of suffering a cracked or shattered screen from an accident such as a drop or tumble.

In the TPU skin, SPIGEN has designed buttons into the skin itself that work extremely well when pressed.  A lot of TPU buttons are too stiff or don’t have a good poker underneath the button, but that’s not the case with the Slim Armor.  The TPU is cut extremely accurately and precisely and is not floppy at all.  Inside the skin is a web pattern that not only looks cool, but helps dissipate the force from drops and other impacts, further protecting your Nexus.

The polycarbonate shell is removable, and taking it off before installing the case makes it much easier to put on and remove the Slim Armor from your phone.  There’s ample room for the rear camera and flash to come through, and SPIGEN has actually done a pretty decent job creating cutouts for them that protect more of that rear than some other cases do.

Dropping your Nexus 5 while in this case would VERY RARELY result in any sort of major damage.  The front lip protrudes out to protect the screen from flat surfaces, but uneven surfaces could still poke through and make direct contact with the screen, so stay vigilant.

Overall, this is a very good case for the price, the size, the look, and the protection.  For complete protection, pair it with a screen protector or invisibleSHIELD to make sure nothing happens to your Nexus 5.

You can order these now in Champagne, White, and Black!

SPIGEN Slim Armor Rugged White Case for Nexus 5 SPIGEN Slim Armor Rugged Black Case for Nexus 5

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