SlimPort HDMI Adapter for Nexus 5

SlimPort HDMI Adapter for Nexus 5

Here’s an interesting solution to streaming the HD content from your Nexus 5 to your HDTV using a cable as opposed to doing it wirelessly with the Chromecast.  The SlimPort HDMI adapter from Analogix is a MyDP compatible cable that also includes a spare micro USB to simultaneously keep your Nexus 5 charged while in use, and they’re available now!

With the introduction of the Chromecast, Google made it much simpler for streaming your content to your HDTV via a dongle that utilizes an existing WiFi network to stream the content.  There are some limitations on which apps are compatible with that streaming however, but apps are continuously adding support (Pandora recently updated their app to support Chromecast, for example).  The SlimPort supports full-mirroring of your device, including home screen and games.  The Chromecast also needs an external power source, which may not be convenient if your HDTV doesn’t have a USB port.

The SlimPort HDMI adapter has been around for about a year, and has seen one major revision in this model, the SP1003.  The addition of an additional micro USB port on the adapter box allows you to keep your Nexus 5 plugged into a power source when in use, something not possible in the past because the adapter takes up the Nexus 5’s lone micro USB port.

The SlimPort is HDMI 1.4 compatible, and supports 1080p and even 3D content streaming.  The charging power is rated at 5V/1.5a for Fast Charging.  This adapter does not come with an HDMI cable, so make sure you get one long enough that supports HDMI 1.4 (like this one) for max compatibility.

It is a tiny bit more inconvenient to opt for the SlimPort over the Chromecast, but, the Chromecast is much more restrictive over the content you can stream.  If you want to be able to stream virtually anything, including games and all your music, the SlimPort is the better choice at this point.

Grab a SlimPort today!

SlimPort HDMI Adapter for Nexus 5SlimPort HDMI Adapter for Nexus 5

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